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EVENTS (Tea stall)
EVENTS (Eden Sauvage)

My artistic calling dates back to my early years of life when I lived in the Vallerystal crystal factory at the age of seven. I graduated from ESAG Penninghen (Académie Julian) in 1984, and worked as an interior architect until 2000. 

It was in 2000, that I left France to settle in Qatar, where I lived until 2015. It was during this time that I dedicated myself entirely to art, particularly painting, leaving my years of architecture behind. My artistic style was born in the desert, in wild and mineral nature. My palette had very few colors at that time. 

In 2015, I left Qatar and settled on the east coast of Malaysia, in Terengganu. I found myself in a modest tropical forest near the sea. I had to adapt to my environment and to great solitude. All the emotions and experiences I had during this period of my life are reflected in my paintings and small poems that describe my daily life in Terengganu. The vegetation of Malaysia replaced the minerals of Qatar, and colors found their way into my paintings.

My journey from the Mlaysian jungle to the city is a great challenge for me. 

I arrived in Singapore in January 2021, in the midst of the pandemic. I had to reinvent myself, learn to work in noise, and imagine another form of nature, less wild and more orderly. Today, I discover this multicultural city. Its shophouses, black and white houses, its different neighborhoods and splendid parks make it a pleasant city to live in. The colors of Singapore, with its emerald greens, amaze me. It is a city in a green jewel box. Recently, I have finally returned to my art, with a small nostalgia for the six years spent in Terengganu. 

However, I really enjoy creating new series. After a long period of observation, which lasted almost two years, I studied the city and its various facets in order to understand it. The result is a series of paintings and gouache sketches as well as linocuts.