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F r a n c e

Catherine Delmas-Lett was born in Paris in the 60s. She is the eldest, with her twin sister, of a sibling of five children. She found her artistic vocation very early, in contact with the crystallerie de Valerystal , in which she lived from the age of one to seven years old. Graduated from ESAG Penninghen (Académie Julian) in 1984, she started a career as an interior architect in Grenoble, in the architectural firm Groupe 6.

Q a t a r

With her husband, in 2000, she moved to Doha in Qatar, where they stayed until 2015. It is in this country that she devoted herself entirely to her painting. She organized workshops of arts techniques, and created in 2011 the “Rencontres Artistiques” at the Katara Art Center, which will allow Francophone artists to meet, and to work together on various themes.

M a l a y s i a

In 2015, she left Qatar for Malaysia, where she settled on the east coast in the Terengganu. Isolated in a small jungle by the sea, she studies and paints her feelings and sensations, in contact with the animals that surround her. She writes small poems illustrating her life as a city dweller in the jungle, which are often directly related to her daily life.

S i n g a p o r e

‎A journey from the Malaysian jungle to the city, a great challenge .

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